Nancy Evans

|Project Manager | Leadership | Team|

Drawing from years of experience, leading teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies, then starting her own journey as an entrepreneur (starting multiple businesses), Nancy has built a reputation for her refreshingly friendly, positive attitude. 

She has a proven ability to think outside the box, yet streamline complex situations into simple, positive experiences! Her passion is creating residual income opportunities for others so they can enjoy a more positive work, life balance.

Nancy is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. She has won multiple leadership awards, is a certified Career Coach, Online Project Manager and Social Media Marketer.

"Executioner. Problem Solver. Resilient. Winner"- McKinsey A.

"Before I met Nancy, I was at a place in my business where I was trying to get everything done; meanwhile, I felt like nothing was getting done efficiently.  I had hired a few people to help with social media posting, branding, and creating a business action plan, but they always seem to fall short of my expectations.  I was completely hesitant to hire anyone else.  After my initial meeting with Nancy, I knew right away I wanted to work with her.  I have never worked with anyone that was so excited to execute my vision. The investment has been tenfold in the amount of time that I have saved already, where I can now focus that time and energy on working with clients and content creation.  The amount of knowledge that she has for a growing entrepreneur like myself is priceless." - Marisa L

"Nancy excels at assessing situations and acting accordingly, delegating as needed. She brings an upbeat mood and motivates you, wherever you are. 

She has a strong ability to think outside the box and think creatively."- Emily P

"Nancy Evans possesses expertise in developing, starting and building new businesses from the ground up. My husband and I used her services and the take away has been huge! Not only is her enthusiasm contagious, but she has so many innovative and out of the box solutions to make what was an overwhelming task ...totally doable."- Annette G

"She has a great curiosity for the business and quickly applies everything she learns into strategies to meet business goals. Nancy excels in holding her team accountable. But she doesn't approach accountability from a position of authority. Instead, her way of holding others accountable is through collaboration, education and empowerment. Through this, Nancy's teams have grew in ability, confidence and loyalty to her and the Company. Nancy is a strong dynamic leader who adds a great deal of value to any organization she is associated with and has my full endorsement."- Mike G